jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Sowell: Bell Went ‘Incoherent’ To Avoid Obscurity


Thomas Sowell’s syndicated column this week took on Derrick Bell, whom Sowell knew at Stanford. Sowell writes that Bell was not a leading scholar, and that he found himself between a rock and a hard place in career terms:

Is Sandra Fluke Helping Rush Get Listeners?


Are Rush Limbaugh’s ratings going to take off and soar as a result of the recent Sandra Fluke controversy? According to nonpartisan radio expert Michael Harrison, that’s exactly what may happen. In fact, it's happening now.

Maher: My Free Speech More Equal Than Limbaugh's


Say what you want about Bill Maher; he is not a stupid man. But in an interview today with ABC's Jake Tapper, he sure sounds like one:

Pop Culture Propaganda: American Idol Pays Tribute To Obama

RoboGate:Bush DOJ Prosecuted GOP Official for Illegal Robocalls, Will Holder?


Eric Holder’s Department of Justice did not respond to two telephone inquiries made by Breitbart.com’s as to whether or not there would be a prosecutorial probe into the illegal ‘Rush’ robocalls that flooded highly contested districts targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Car Bomb Attack As Panetta Lands In Afghanistan

'Game Change': Palin Breakdown Meme Crushed by Facts


It has been well established that HBO's anti-Sarah Palin movie, "Game Change," is full of distortions about the former vice presidential candidate.

I covered some of them in a piece on Big Hollywood titled "Top 10 Lies of HBO's 'Game Change." In it, I briefly mentioned the fact that the movie depicts Palin as having a mental breakdown during the 2008 campaign.
At the 68 minute mark in the movie, the filmmakers show Palin (Julianne Moore) at a table with campaign staff going over material to prep for her debate against Joe Biden. The movie depicts Palin as being detached and unresponsive. She mutters to herself about missing her baby.

The Vetting: Cassandra Butts - Bell Devotee, Obama Advisor, Judicial Scout

The story of Cassandra Butts is an important example of how Critical Race Theory and its adherents continue to shape President Barack Obama's worldview and his administration.

At Harvard Law School from 1988-1991, Butts was one of the student advocates of Professor Derrick Bell’s strike for "faculty diversity." She was also a fast friend of Obama’s, whose career she has helped to promote from the halls of the Harvard Law Review to the White House.

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