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11,327 Pages Added to Code of Federal Regulations Under Obama

Since President Obama Barack Obama came into office, the Code of Federal Regulations has increased by 11,327 pages -- a 7.4 percent increase from Jan. 1, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2011 -- according to figures the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released on Monday. 

According to CNS News, there are now 169,301 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations, which is double the number of pages in 1975.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce calculated the cost of compliance for all of the federal regulations is $1.7 trillion annually, and 70% of those regulations are economic, costing $1.236 trillion.

Fiddling While Rome Burns: Obama Isn't Working -- Literally

With a nation still at war and facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, one would think President Barack Obama would be “focused like a laser” on America's national security and economic rebuilding.

Obama Releases Message to Arab Forum on 9/11

Obama Releases Message to Arab Forum on 9/11


Not only is Barack Obama violating his pledge not to campaign on 9/11, but he is also using the day to issue greetings to the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery, seemingly oblivious to the importance and solemnity of the day, as well as the context of his message.

Obama offers thanks to the Emir of Qatar--showboating some rather halting Arabic skills in addressing "His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani"--and praising the inspiring democratic example of the Arab Spring, which happened to leave the absolute monarchy of Qatar untouched.

He also offers support for his envoys, including Attorney General Eric Holder, who is attending the Arab Forum conference as the chief U.S. representative. The Arab Forum's goal is to recover assets stolen by formerly autocratic regimes, including Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. (But not Qatar.)

The video, posted on the White House YouTube channel today, makes no mention of 9/11, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the role of Qatar-based Al Jazeera in broadcasting radical anti-American propaganda. And while offering support for democratic change, Obama neglects to ask the Emir to step aside.

Ironically, Obama caused a scandal last year when CBS News caught him criticizing the Emir of Qatar after reporters had left a fundraiser in Chicago: "He is a big booster, a big promoter of democracy all throughout the Middle East...He himself is not reforming significantly. There is no big move towards democracy in Qatar."

Obama has evidently chosen to make up for the insult--by insulting fellow Americans on 9/11.

Thin Skin ... Or Just Nervous? Team Obama Trashes '2016'

President George W. Bush remained silent as a steady stream of documentaries attacked both him and his administration during his eight years in office.

Bush quietly acknowledged the filmmakers' right to speak their minds, ignored their cinematic attacks and kept on working.
President Barack Obama, in comparison, simply couldn't sit still while "2016: Obama's America" continues to smash box office records.
"2016" takes a withering look at the president's formative influence, connecting the dots between his radical past and today's public policy. The movie, which now stands as the second most popular political documentary of all time, drew this response from the President's official web site:

9/11: A Clinton Legacy

Former President Bill Clinton is campaigning on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, hitting the stump for President Barack Obama’s re-election effort in swing states, despite the fact that both campaigns are supposedly taking the day off. That is typical Obama--take the high ground while others do the dirty work. Meanwhile, the New York Times renews its attack on Obama’s predecessor for “negligence” in ignoring warnings about the attacks.

It seems only fair, then, to remind the American public that not only does Obama skip most of his daily intelligence briefings, but also that the Clinton administration bears some of the blame for allowing 9/11 to happen. The 9/11 commission identified several Clinton failures, including four missed chances to kill Osama bin Laden, and a failure to adopt “a more aggressive counterterrorism posture” after Al Qaeda’s initial attacks.

Media Smothers News of Romney's Commanding Lead with Independents

Even as the most recent polls show Obama's convention bounce fading (as expected), that doesn’t mean our dishonest and corrupt media is going to crawl off the bandwagon they crafted over the weekend proclaiming Obama's win as inevitable.

The Narrative is the Narrative is the Narrative, and this phony story of Inevitability was the only cannon shot our corrupt and dishonest media could fire that would smother the news of Obama's lousy convention speech, his delegates booing God and Israel, and the worst jobs report in two years.

Fact Check: Osama Bin Laden Alive, General Motors Dead

Vice President Joe Biden has a suggested slogan for the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign. He repeats it everywhere he goes. “Osama Bin Laden is dead,” he bellows, “and General Motors is alive!”

There’s only one problem. He’s wrong.
Yes, Bin Laden’s dead, thank God. And General Motors is still an operating concern. But in point of fact, the cause for which Osama Bin Laden stood is stronger than at any time in American history, thanks in large part to the Obama administration. And as for GM, it’s not so much alive as it is a member of the corporate living dead, feasting on taxpayer brains while slowly deteriorating, the first zombie company created by Obama’s cronyism.
On the eleventh anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s attack on America, it’s worthwhile to examine just what he hoped to accomplish. He spelled out his goals in three documents: a 1996 fatwa titled, “Declaration of War Against The Americans Occupying The Land of the Two Holy Places”; a 2002 “Letter to America”; and a 2004 video.
In these manifestos, he declared his willingness to die, of course. His goals included:

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